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Well, I started learning rust a few days ago, through the documentation I believe I have seen most of the content about syntax and most common functions, I even learned enums to be exact, and from what I can see in the book, from now on the contents will more complex and will address more internal aspects of rust and the reasons why it is recognized as a competitive and safe language, but at this stage some doubts have already started to arise, should I start trying some rust projects or should I continue reading the documentation? focus on polishing the knowledge in rust and learn to the smallest details or is it not worth it? having in-depth knowledge of rust can generate professional opportunities for me or after learning the basics should I migrate to a language with more market?
Thank you for your attention and correct me if I said something stupid.

You're going to need to understand ownership and borrowing before you can write programs larger than "hello world".

If you're looking for program ideas, check out Rust track on Rust | Exercism

I think I would recommend reading the book pretty much all the way to chapter 10 at least, and then maybe chapter 13, because iterators and closures are really important. Then chapter 15 and 16 are important if you want to get into concurrency.

There's a lot of good info in the book and most if it will really make you a better Rust programmer and help you understand a lot of things you might run into in the wild.

Still, don't let that stop you from trying to do stuff with it no matter how much you understand. You can start writing programs even if you only understand a little. If some parts of the book aren't keeping your attention, you can skip to another part and come back later. :slight_smile:

The more I learned about Rust it really did help me to write better code so I think learning more is definitely worth it, but the beauty of the language is that you can start writing right away.

As far as marketability and professional opportunities, I don't know much on that front. I've heard that most jobs in Rust are in cryptocurrencies, but yeah it would probably be easier to get a job in another language just because more people use languages like JavaScript, Go, etc. :man_shrugging: Rust is by far my favorite, though. :slight_smile:

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