Newcomer forum?

Where is the forum for noob questions, please?
I don't want to mix my dumb question in with intelligent questions.

This is the right place for noob questions.

If you prefer reddit you can also post to r/learnrust

  • - This website - is for general questions about rust, announcements and anything rust-related
  • - Internals - is for conversations about the development of rust, announcements about nightly/beta features and pre-rfcs
  • - Rust repo - is for RFCs and bugs (File an issue or a PR)
  • && && - Crates/libraries - where you can file an issue (on th GH page for a library) to ask for very specific help, where it might not appear here

This site has been very kind to me in regards to my dumb questions. I have learned quite a bit just perusing the board. Ask away!

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