Where to ask elaborated Rust questions?

I've been using the IRC channel to ask my simplest questions. However there are some questions that are too complicated to be asked on it. I'm currently asking those kinds of elaborated questions on the subreddit, but there are few other places to ask a question that I'm getting really unsure of where to go.

Some places to be consired:

  • stackoverflow.com
    • Have been a standard place to ask elaborated questions.
    • However the rust tag seems to get too little attention by the Rust community.
  • /r/rust
    • Pretty active.
    • Although I don't feel very comfortable asking questions there at first, not sure why.
  • users.rust-lang.org
    • I find this is more suitable for general discussion.

So what would be the best place to ask elaborated Rust questions?

What I've seen can be a good approach is asking on stackoverflow.com, since that's what it's there for, but if it doesn't get enough attention, cross post on /r/rust or the users forum to get a bit more traffic to the question.

Have you really been finding that the rust tag hasn't been getting enough attention? I see very few questions without answers.

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