New special interest group: debugging tools


Hey there! I was hacking on a little Rust project on a plane last week, and I had such a great experience with the crate ecosystem around debugging tools that I raved to my colleagues about it and there was a lot of interest in this space. I thought it’d be nice to have some sort of special interest group around debugging tools to collect a list of useful crates and tools, and give people a place to discuss the topic.

As a start I’ve created a #rust-debugger-tools channel on, you’re welcome to join if this interests you! I chose the name arbitrarily, I couldn’t come up with a better name for “the sorts of tasks that debuggers tend to do”, like parsing binary formats and debug info. I’m certainly open to suggestions!

Specifically for my rust-disasm tool I found that just plugging together gimli’s addr2line and object (which is a layer atop goblin) crates, as well as the capstone crate for disassembling instructions got me a long way towards what I wanted to do, and I didn’t feel like I had to write any really hard code, which was awesome!

Crate release: minidump

The channel is actually #rust-debugger-tools


:man_facepalming: Thanks!


cc @philipc


I started curating a list of useful crates in this space.I’d love to expand that list to include crates I don’t know about, so please submit pull requests!