New LALRPOP release!


I thought I’d open a thread to mark LALRPOP releases. I’ll post a comment each time there’s a new release with the release notes etc. =)


Version 0.13.1

  • We now support #![..] attributes in .lalrpop files.
  • We now use lane table by default: since the lane table algorithm
    automatically generates compressed tables where possible, the
    #[lalr] attribute is still accepted, but has no effect.
    • If you encounter problems, please report bugs! In the meantime,
      though, you can use the LALRPOP_LANE_TABLE=disabled environment
      variable to change back.
  • When the <> string is found within {} inside of an action, it
    now generates a series of x: x pairs for each named value x.
    This is useful for struct constants, since you can do something
    like: <a:Foo> <b:Bar> => MyStruct { <> }, if MyStruct had two
    fields named a and b.
  • We now support character literal patterns in the external tokenizer pattern syntax.
  • The lalrpop executable now supports --version.
  • We are (for now, at least) testing for compatibility with Rust 1.13.
    This minimal supported rustc version may change in the future,
  • Misc bug fixes.

Thanks to the following contributors for this release: