What's everyone working on this week (20/2022)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

Still going with parse-bolt. And I have something rather exciting. Its becoming a parser combinator library that compiles down into an LR(1) parser.

In the grammar this means:

  • Direct left recursion -> No problems
  • Indirect left recursion -> No problems
  • It is deterministic -> linear time complexity with length of input. No backtracking is performed (or required) and it feed just 1 token at a time. (Blazing fast!)

It is currently done via parser3.rs while I am experimenting:

Soon I'll make it the default.

There is one optimization I need to do for the parser that gets generated. Currently it processes the result though a value stack of type Vec<Box<dyn Any>>. But if I instead use Vec<u8> and cast raw pointers into and out of the value stack, then I can match the speed of carefully crafted hand written parsers and parser generators.

Working on refactoring samsara, the proc macro that generates types describing paths in a finite state machine, to move its logic outside of one huge function.

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