New hobby coder on board

Heya, I'm a hobby coder who has some expirience with c++ and go. I decided to try learning something challenging and found Rust - something I heard cola can solve in the real world. Nevertheless I bought myself an introductory book -. there aren't many - and found that the learning curve of the book compared to the ones for c++ books or the introductory tutorial reminds me of the learning curve of a mmorpg I once played being eve online (

Joke aside if a serious question concerning something about Rust code pops up in my head I'll open a topic on this board.


Welcome to the fun.

I have only been getting into Rust for a year so I still feel the difficulty. And there is a lot of Rust I have not even explored yet.

However after years of using C/C++ I don't think Rust is any harder to get started with than C++. C++ is a huge and complex language that I don't believe any single person understands fully. As long as you forget any notions of inheritance. For the most part I still write Rust as if I were writing C. At least as far as the compiler will let me, which is quite a long way.

The magic part is that once if you have fought through the frustration and actually got the Rust compiler to compile your code it generally works. At least after a few tests and fixing up simple logical errors. And works reliably, no mysterious randomly incorrect results or segfaults that could be very hard to debug and far more frustrating.

Just remember: Don't Panic! (Pun intended).

Folks here have been very helpful.


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