*New* crate of the week

I really like TWIR's "crate of the week", and I have subscribed to the discourse thread. In the recommendations, there is always a fair share of self-nominations. I'm not against that, but a "hey look at this cool crate that I just found" vs a "hi I've published a new crate" recommendation are quite different in kind. I see two problems arise from this:

  • While most nomination posts contain enough context to access the situation, I feel like some of it gets lost in TWIR.
  • Self-nominations, especially for newly published crates, get less votes (at least I rarely vote for them) and as such are less likely to get the visibility they maybe deserve.

In order to improve the situation, I propose adding a second category, "New crate of the week", where we celebrate new crates in the ecosystem and give them the visibility and love they all deserve.

Looking back a couple weeks at the number of posts, would we have enough nominations to permit both categories?

Given that there are weeks that pass without a single nomination in the existing thread, I highly doubt there will be enough traffic here.


Is it a requirement to have a suggestion every week?

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