Need help extracting ZIP contents

I have a complex file read issue....I have a need to read a DOCX file with an embedded file system, extract a ZIP file, and peruse the ZIP file's internal directory to extract the actual files I need. I already have written this code in Java successfully, so I know it can be accomplished. But, I want to do this in Rust.

Currently, I can read the DOCX file, iterate through the OLE10 objects to locate the file I need. The OLE10 file (which is actually the ZIP) has a weird header of 256 bytes, which I seek past. If I read the rest of the file stream and write it to the filesystem it will write out as a ZIP. I can use 7-zip to open the file and see all the contents.

The problem is, no matter what Rust ZIP crate I use (zip, zip_extract, zip_extensions, rc-zip) I just cannot extract the ZIP contents. I continuously run into an issue "cannot find end of central directory". I have iterated through the file, and the EOCD tag of "50 4B 05 06" is actually there. If I end the stream at the EOCD, I got an "early end of file exit" error.

Anyone have any ideas how to use Rust to extract the ZIP directory and attach it to a buffer or the filesystem?

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