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Hi all. I am absolutely new to developer world and no experience in programming languages. I am 33 years old. Not working now but has experience in data analysis in Excel, MS SQL queries … I have a desire to be a developer from very long time. So I am thinking to learn a language which can help in fulfilling my dream and help me get a job. Hence is Rust the best choice to start my career in developer world? I am a self learner using google and other sites. Please advise. I am ready to do the hard work … Whatever it takes… Just not sure where to begin

Hence is Rust the best choice to start my career in developer world?

Rust does have a bit of a steep learning curve compared to some other languages, but I don’t think it’s insurmountable for a new developer. That said, there aren’t that many Rust jobs out there at the moment, so if your goal is purely to kickstart your career, it’s maybe not the best choice. If you’re just looking for a cool language to learn though, I’d definitely recommend it :slight_smile:

Just not sure where to begin

The Rust Programming Language is the official Rust book, and is available to read online for free.


For someone in your situation, I wouldn’t really recommend starting with Rust.

In my experience, the main difficulty you are likely going to face is not a technical one, but rather sticking to your plan of becomming a software developer and not giving up along the way. Learning to program is frustrating at times for most people, and starting with Rust rather than some language that is easier to learn will only add to this problem.

You probably need some more concrete goal than “becoming a developer”. What kind of software would you like to write? What are you excited about? If you have picked an area you want to work in, I recommend going ahead and actually building something small in that area.

If you want to get a job as a programmer, you should pick up some more mainstream language. Python or TypeScript may be good choices, as they are reasonably easy to learn and not entirely awful as programming languages, but there are many other good choices as well. An introduction to programming in general that I like is How to Think Like a Computer Scientist, which happens to use Python.


@17cupsofcoffee Thank you … Ur answer is helpful. I will probably start with Python first then explore Rust.

@smarnach Thank you for answering with specific pointers. It helped in thinking with more clarity. I also thought of Python then felt it will take 2-3 years to master over the programme. I wasn’t sure what would be the scope of python after 2 years. So I was looking for a language which will be highly accepted in future.

Regarding what kind of software, I feel I should work to develop more n more softwares. In one words I am “greedy”. But I know practically I have to start with simple softwares and move towards the complex project. It will give me satisfaction along the way while solving a challenging problem. It could be any kind of real world problem. Also I am aware of the expertise needed in other subjects like Maths, Algebra, Statistics etc. This is definitely not an easy task for me but I will be very happy the day I complete my first project. As of now learning to use arrays effectively giving me nightmares :slight_smile:

Using Python is helpful anyway for any developer in any programming language - for prototyping and scripting purposes.

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