Is it possible?

I am completely new to programming, I am in my 40's never had a programming job, Can I still learn Rust and work as a programmer?


There's no reason you can't!

Without knowing anything about your situation I think we have to say yes, it is possible. I'm sure we have all heard of people who have made amazing career changes.

The question then is, what is the probability that you can do it? That seems impossible to estimate as we know noting about you, your experience, your current situation, your motivation etc.

Note that at the current time the probability of even experienced software engineers who get into Rust finding work using Rust is pretty low compared to other mainstream programming languages. I suspect that will greatly improve in the coming years so by the time you have become a Rust expert you might just slot in some place.

It would likely help if you are an expert in some domain and want to work on software in that domain. In which case the actual programming is not the point.



I found The Book to be aimed at someone who knows some general-purpose language already so I don't know where to start from scratch with Rust. But there plenty of languages and they are all just different syntax for the same stuff (more or less). I went from JavaScript to TypeScript to Rust. I was worried that I didn't know enough systems programming to be proficient in Rust but it turns out that JavaScript is more complex than the systems it runs on so I was pretty well prepared!

You can't do it if you don't enjoy it and even if you could it wouldn't be worth it. So just pick a language and a good book about that language. Read every word in the book and type out every single line of code in that book while you are reading it. Don't copy-and-paste even a single line of code from that book or anywhere else, always type it out so you know you understand it. Anything about programming applies to everything about programming so just start learning and it will all come together.

I found this book to have a good approach to introducing programming concepts. It's just one of many books about many languages.

I doubt I will be able to find a job as a Rust developer, but I will still learn it.
For now I will learn Web Development and see If I can get a job as a web developer while I am learning Rust. For Rust I will be using the Rust book available for free online" If anybody knows about good resources and have suggestions to learn to code, let me know..
I am not an expert in anything, for years I have been working to survive, and it worked for me, no regrets.
Now I realized I need to be an expert in something to keep living

For many people (myself included), learning Rust requires unlearning habits and mental models that were cemented in other languages.

Some languages like C++ and Haskell offer much more knowledge transfer, but for many others like Javascript it can be easier in some ways to start fresh than to learn by comparison.

Also, real world projects require much more than just raw coding. You have to anticipate how users behave, how the software might need to adapt in the future, documentation, organizing the backlog, etc. Your life experience outside of coding will help with all that stuff too.

Go for it!

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thank you
I find 2 courses on, CS50 intro to computer science and cs50 programming with python and JavaScript. I will take them for free to start my very long journey.
I will still try to learn Rust and come here to ask questions, I am glad I am found that website.


Of course, you can :grinning:

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