Need few advice for a DBMS project

Hello world. I'm new to Rust and I'm not yet a very experienced system programmer. I have a background of web developer. Nevertheless, I've started to write a DBMS in Rust. It's the project I've been dreaming of for years.

I'm not encountering a particular issue. I would just like to be in touch with someone who has a certain experience in DBMS implementation, to whom I can ask for device from time to time.

Here is the link to my project (Just begun): OrixDB · GitHub

Hi! Unfortunately, I don't have any expertise to offer, but I'm interested in your project and will keep an eye on it. I am also developing a small graph database ... from the little information I see, I think there's likely some overlap between your goals and mine. I haven't decided on a query language yet, but I'm leaning toward Cypher for a couple of reasons which I'm happy to discuss if you're interested.

What I do know for my project is:

  • The storage backend will be Sqlite (because this Db is intended to support a
    user facing suite of small apps, with both desktop and mobile versions - and
    Sqlite works on mobile platforms, so the same storage format works everywhere)

  • There will be JSON-LD support for data interchange.

My project is if you'd care to check it out. Though it's really not at all functional yet ... I'm just beginning to understand Rust well enough to be able to accomplish this project, and I'm taking a few days to work on something completely unrelated.

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Your project seems very cool. Now what you could do, is to add a web admin, to make it easier to visualize and manage data. So tinygraph will propose something cool that its backend doesn't have. It will become a kind of headless CMS. :wink:

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