What's everyone working on this week (38/2022)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

Experimenting with tokio and its channels to create a software defined radio (SDR) in Rust: radiorust.


I have been improving the browse/DBMS system for RustDb ( which is written in the SQL-like language ) which allows data from any table in the database to be displayed and edited using a HTML user interface. I just implemented a system where database columns can be given higher-level types than the basic SQL types which are just int, float, binary ), such a Date, Time, File, Password, Money etc. These higher level types are each specified by a SQL function which specifies how values are displayed, input etc.

Released median-accumulator, a very simple accumulator for computing medians. It's 100% safe, space-efficient and faster than medianheap for some cases (especially when most of the samples are equal).

I'm still beginner, my experience with Rust is ~2.5 months of learning in free time. I've been trying to make a OpenStreetMap XML processor, to modify map data and get roads graph. But OSM PBF format turned out to be very complicated. So I chose to go for OSM XML format (gzipped or bzipped), first reader/parser, then writer.

5 days of fighting with xml-rs and quick-xml, and I got it to read the data and convert it into meaningful objects.

In the process, with help of forum users, learned the difference between trait objects and generic types tried to copy nested objects, which turned out impossible, learned how to wrap a File struct into another one that has progress bar, and got a better understanding of Box. Also learned that match <expr> can take ownership.

Things are slightly getting easier.


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