Narrowlink - A Rust Based Remote Access Platform

Hello There!

I'm excited to announce the launch of Narrowlink, an open source remote access platform built entirely in Rust.

Narrowlink aims to deliver simple yet secure connections between devices across networks. It enables remote access in situations where traditional tools fall short due to firewalls, NAT traversal issues, and other network restrictions. It provides some features like tail-scale however with different approach: Tailscale vs. Narrowlink | Narrowlink

Some highlights of Narrowlink:

  • Enables port forwarding without public IPs to connect devices across networks
  • Allows sharing internet access from remote computers
  • Helps publish local web servers externally without dedicated IPs (e.g., is hosted by using narrowlink)

It consists of a central Gateway, lightweight Agents, and Client.

We invite you to take a look to the project blog or documentation to learn more about Narrowlink.

The project is still in its early stages and we welcome contributions from the Rust community. We'd love your feedback on the codebase, documentation and tutorials. Bug reports and PRs are also greatly appreciated!

Please check it out on GitHub and share your thoughts!

Thank you sincerely

it would be helpful to add a brief comparison to similar software such as tailscale and zerotier, it would give people motivation to try it, and it's not obvious from the introduction post.

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Thank you for your comment, I just made a preliminary comparison to tailscale: Tailscale vs. Narrowlink | Narrowlink

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