P2P file sharing and syncking via torrent like protocol



I would like to ask the community for some resources and advice. I was wondering whether there exists a rust implementation of a project similar to Syncthing . The idea is for me and couple of my friends, to share files and videos privately between each other through torrent like environment. With one condition: the person that shares a file has to explicitly approve to his/hers mate the access to a file/folder to be shared. So let say I have a folder and inside a file and another subfolder. If I share this folder it does not mean I am sharing the content of the subfolder.

Does something like this already exists ? Does it have a rust implementation? If not, what would be a good starting point in rust to make a project like this come to life? I see there is crust project that might be a good starting point. Any other suggestions ? Any resources on the topic are more than welcomed! Toy examples, tutorials, anything… ​

Please comment as much as possible on this topic ! I wanna learn !!


if this is not the right place for posting such a question please point me in the right direction ! Thank you :slight_smile: