My First Crate (Chroniker)

Hey! So I just finished my first crate chroniker. I was wondering if people could give it a quick review. Also is this the right place to ask this?

Thanks in Advance!

How does it compare to chrono? That might be good thing to add to the README.

Thanks for the advice! This project started from this post on stack overflow about getting the millisecond time in rust. As a result of seeing that post I made chroniker so that someone could simply get the computers time and change it to any other time unit (nanoseconds, minutes, hours, etc.). I haven't used chrono much but from a quick glance it looked kind of verbose for somethings (like getting the current time in ms). It seemed like chrono was really a Date library where you could get the time whereas I wanted a time library. (BTW please correct me if I am wrong and there is a simple way to get the computer time other than adding the second and nanosecond times) :grinning:

I think it is more like time

The time units are untyped: You could get the time in milliseconds and use it as a time in days. Please see Static checking of units in Servo - Mozilla Research for more about this. It is a blog post about size, but also applies to time.

Apart from that it looks good.

Ok, I will take a look! Thanks!