Chrono 0.4.0 is out

The new version of Chrono, the date and time library for Rust, has been released.

This version fixes the dependency issues raised in 0.3.1 (in lieu of this release, 0.3.1 is now yanked as well) while moving towards the more idiomatic API convention. This version was developed in relatively heavy time constraints, but I have managed to include several goodies:

  • DateTime types can now be serialized to, or deserialized from the integral UNIX timestamp.
  • DateTime types and std::time::SystemTime can be freely converted back and forth via From.
  • IsoWeek type has been introduced.
  • The documentation has been streamlined by removing intermediate implementation modules and accounting for several minor but essential suggestions.

As always, the full list of changes is available in Enjoy!


heh, I was updating systemstat today, noticed "Chrono 0.4.0" on GitHub, tried depending on 0.4 and it wasn't there :smiley:

Huh, strange. How did you find out that it wasn't there? I have tried cargo new --bin and cargo add chrono to use Chrono 0.4 and it worked really well.

Of course it's there now, I mean I've tried before you uploaded to

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