Mut keyword does not trigger a compiler warning

fn run() {
  for &mut input in &mut [16, 23, 42, 43] {
    match input {
      23 => println!("Input is equal to a"),
      16 => println!("Input is equal to b"),
      43 => println!("Input is equal to c"),
      _  => println!("Input does not equal any value"),

Despite the fact that variables does not change, the compiler is silent, like a fish on ice. Why? Thanks.

You're not creating two references here, instead you're using a pattern to automatically dereference.

let &mut x = &mut 3;

This results in x = 3.

In a sense, this operation on the "place" (x in this case) undoes what it'd do to a "value" (3).

In your example, you take a reference to the array, &mut [16, 23, 42, 43], which yields values of type &mut i32, however you then assign this to a "place" which undoes this reference (through a pattern matching).

Take a look at this playground and try changing it to not use &mut in &mut input. It'll print different types.


Patterns are not expressions.


Note that terminology-wise, this is not a “place vs. value” discinction. Place expressions and value expressions are both expressions. While, as an expression, indeed x would be a place expression and 3 a value expression, the reason that the meaning of &mut x and &mut 3 is different here is instead based on where the thing appears (left-hand side of the = in a let vs. right-hand side). The discinction is between expressions (&mut …) and patterns (&mut …)!

It's correct to say that the &mut … pattern does, in a sense, undo what the &mut … expression does. But it acts on the thing being matched against, not on the subpattern. (Matching against) the &mut x pattern is an operation that acts on the &mut 3 expression, dereferencing it back to the value 3 [1] and subsequently "passing" this value 3 to on to the subpattern x. This next step of matching 3 against x just assigns 3 to x [2].

  1. or, more precisely, to the place containing the value 3 ↩︎

  2. or, more precisely, matching the place containing the value 3 to the pattern x copies the value out of that place and assigns it to x ↩︎


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