Most suitable library for iterative visualization

I've made the genetic algorihthm and want to visualize it in a proper way. Genetic algorithm is iterative, changing "population" trying to minimize some cost function. Individual in my population is a set of teams, consist of players.

Main idea is to represent players from the population as circles with stroke and team formation as some back colour:
visualization example
(players are circles, one team here is marked by yellow color).

I'm wondering what library will suit most perfectly to use for that. I'm definitely want to be with egui here, but was wondering what framework will suit the best to not overcomplicate the project: there are egui-miniquad and recently I've found egui node graph seems to suit well, but demo example contains some features I don't need (like creating new graphs on a canvas by clicking, I need just a static image, probably I want to know the information for each player (circle) and use just context windows for that).

I recommend to you: tauri, he is cross-platform, and can use css and js to make interactive effects

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