Thoughts on Iced as GUI lib for a Trello-ish app?

Getting back to Rust after a period of discouragement, I'm going to add a GUI to my slightly stale learning-Rust project. Actually two GUIs - one with and one without web technologies.

For the web-tech version I'm going to try Tauri, whose progress I've followed with interest for a while. For all that so many dislike Electron (for perfectly understandable reasons), it's really singlehandledly responsible for so many important commercial apps being available on Linux these days. Something like Tauri that can do likewise but with more sane resource usage seems like a good move.

For the more purely 'native' GUI version I'm considering iced. My choice isn't strongly driven by requirements, as the project is an itch-scratching and learning exercise. Iced appeals to me because I like the look of the API, and it seems to be a pretty viable project - many recent commits, and I noted the other day System76 has selected it for their new Pop_OS desktop.

Anyway if anyone here has used iced, would you consider it obviously suitable or not for my purposes? My project is to create a drag and drop Trello-ish view over my Checkvist lists (obtained from Checkvist's API).

Are there any other UI toolkits I should strongly consider instead? I'm roughly familiar with the landscape, but haven't actually used any of them yet.

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