Microsoft is rewriting their Q# compiler in Rust

Described as "under development."


(FYI: Q# is their tooling for Quantum Computing.)

The production Q# tooling is here. Written mostly in C# and F#.

I've not seen any comment from Microsoft on this though. But interesting nevertheless.


Thanks for sharing this intriguing update, @ kevinmcfarlane ! Stat curious and keep up with latest tech advancements!

It's now in preview - Introducing the Azure Quantum Development Kit Preview

100x faster, 100x smaller, and it runs in the browser!

The Azure Quantum team is excited to announce the initial preview of the new Azure Quantum Development Kit (or QDK for short). This has been entirely rebuilt using a new codebase on a new technology stack, and this blog post outlines the why, the how, and some of the benefits of doing so.

The “tl;dr” is that we rewrote it (mostly) in Rust which compiles to WebAssembly for VS Code or the web, and to native binaries for Python. It’s over 100x smaller, over 100x faster, much easier to install & use, works fully in the browser, and is much more productive & fun for the team to work on.

For our new codebase, we have limited the languages used to:

  • Rust for the core of the product. This has the ‘batteries included’ benefit of cargo to manage dependencies, builds, testing, etc.
  • Python, as we build & ship packages to PyPI as part of the QDK and use Python for scripting tasks in the repo where practical.
  • JavaScript (including TypeScript), as we build a VS Code extension and write some web integration code.


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