How we used Rust to back a Visual Studio Code extension for IoT prototyping

Hi all

My company just had a hugely positive experience using Rust to bridge between VSCode and embedded devices.

Here’s the write up:



@susurrus :point_up: this is the project where we used your crate. Thank you.

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Cool read! Thanks for sharing your experiences!

Is there any specific thing that you personally liked most about Rust?

Also, would your company be interested in a spot in the friends-of-rust gallery, to share the love even further? If so, the Rust www-team uses GitHub issues as an application form, or via email to
It could link your blog-post, which is honestly exactly what they/everyone loves to see on the Friends-page.

Thank you!

There is a lot to like, but my personal answer is this:

I think right now Rust is one of the most valuable languages a person could invest their time in learning.

It opens the door to so many of the domains of software engineering. At one end of the spectrum, you can write operating systems with it, at the other end, you can write apps that run in a browser with WASM. Plus everything else in between! All with Rust’s safety and correctness guarantees, and backed by a community that is kind and inclusive.

Yes, we’d love that.

High Praise! (and I agree :wink:)
Seems like Rust was really good to you! (but that was obvious from the blog… :slight_smile:)

I will add that you seem to sidestep the areas where Rust is still in need of some maturing (mostly GUI and server middleware), so sadly not everyone can have such an unanimously-positive experience… yet

Yay! :tada:
Can you file the issue/send the email? (Or did you do so already, it’s unclear to me from your writing, but I don’t see an issue yet in the tracker)
I am in no way anything official, so I can’t make it happen for you (just provide encouragement/reminders :blush:)

Haha yes, but it’s all on the way, and I’m being patient because it’ll be worth it.

We’ve now raised a PR to be added to the Friends of Rust page.

Thanks again.

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