Looking for innovative features for a Rust chat server final year CS project

My final year computer science project is to work on "An asynchronous chat server in Rust and Tokio" which i'm excited about. My supervisor told me to find a problem to solve with this. I have been trying to find smthg innovative to do, from my own thought and readings, maybe Real-Time Communication and Scalability but i think these are already done by apps like Discord.

So what is the current problems you think current chat servers have or an innovative solution that could be applied in that space?

Maybe if someone stops responding for a time, autogenerate their conversation using an AI API until they start responding again?

What?! You want to make it so that if I am signed up for said chat system it starts generating posts when I'm not busy enough? What if I'm dead? The AI chat bot should continue pretending to be me?

I'm sure such things will come to pass. But I find the whole notion very sick.

What I would like to see is a NATS server in Rust.https://nats.io Just because Rust. It need not have all the NATS features.

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