Servers for realtime AI simulation engine

Hello everyone.
I’m trying to create the main server of a open source AI simulation engine.
The idea is to have a http server for the front end with websockets to update in realtime the screen position of the AI players and other elements of the game.
The engine would have to update the game.
A second server would be running, connecting the engine with the players via tcp.
With that the server would sent to every AI connected their current state and then wait for the response. If the time of response is too long, or data is not in the correct format, the AI would be kicked or something else.
My main idea is to make the core of the server easely adaptable to other environnements to play with all types of AI an why not, make my AIs fight others connected to the server.
Now that you now everything that I want to do, here are my questions :

  • I’ve never really made big projects like this in rust, have you got useful advice about organisation?
  • What libraries would suit my needs for the front end an websockets ? the backend with tcp server ?
    If you have any suggestions or advice, feel free to post it, it will help me a lot.
    Thank you in advance,

PS: I will post a picture of the server structure tomorrow.

Here is the current server architecture:

I've already made kind of a prototype in node.js but I really want better performance, safety, and organisation.

The idea is that anyone can program his AI in the langage that he wants if it has tcp communication by following the communication protocol of the server.

Any idea ?