Looking for a WebAssembly project to contribute to

I've recently been offered an extremely interesting position in a large company for a C++/Rust/JS/WebAssembly project, related to video codecs.

The project is extremely interesting and I really want to get the job, but the only problem is I have no experience whatsoever with WebAssembly or codecs. I told the recruiter I'd work on a demo project to show my ability to learn fast and work on low-level code.

While I could do a demo from the ground up, I'd be more interested in working on an existing open-source project (the recruiter said the company likes FLOSS contributors).

Is there a wasm Rust project that accepts contributors I could get into? Ideally I'd like something codec-related, but not as complex or large-scale as Firefox. The idea being that I need to hit the ground running if I want to build a portfolio fast enough.

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