London Meetup No. 14 Report


After what seemed like an eternity, we finally had another meetup. I almost decided not too because I couldn’t get any speakers (you may recall my previous post on URLO).

In the end I decided to do a talk, which whilst not technically heavy would mean we’d have a meetup so the Rustaceans to meet and rusticate.

Luckily I’d just started doing a deep dive into static site generators and decided to talk about them.

Now onto a small digression about my performance…you can skip the next 4 paragraphs if you want…

The talk went well enough, you can see it here. I had small bout of nerves and clung onto my speaker notes more than I should’ve. Thankfully I had already whittled them down to just keywords otherwise I really think I would’ve started reading off my notes.

Incidentally I was using my iPhone as a keynote remote and you can configure it to also show your notes. I think this may have contributed to me staring at the phone too much. Well that’s what it looks like in the video .

For future talks I will buy a separate clicker and keep the notes on the laptop.

During the talk it looks like I had a few front end devs in the audience because they nodded at the right time. Sadly no questions at the end, I still use this as a measure of how engaged the audience were.

Welcome back if you skipped!

Despite the lack of engagement, there was a bit of silver lining. I finally worked out how to keep the group talking - do not dismiss after the talks have ended!

Previously, after ending the talks I would shepard the group away from the room where the talks were held into the main social area. Our venue, Code|Node has a nice open area that has a bar, table tennis and loud music (you getting the picture now?). None of these are helpful when you’re trying to nurture conversation between strangers.

After a few minutes, small knots of Rustaceans formed and started to talk. I stayed for another hour, but it really did warm my heart watching people talk about rusty things! I can’t wait for next month’s meetup (got a speaker lined up this time).

And so now dear reader, you’ve reached the end of my tale, I have some questions that my group asked and hope you can help answer.

  • Can you use Rust w/o cargo or perhaps cargo without the internet? One of our attendees is stuck behind a firewall (using any form of proxy isn’t permitted). They would like to download a tar ball (from the crates’ repo) and compile them. How would dependencies work? Could we shrink wrap the dependencies externally and the copy the result into the restricted network?
  • Are there any helpful resources for Java devs to learn Rust? Bonus if it’s gamedev or GUI related!
  • Can dogs look up? Joke, just testing to see who would read this far!


Interesting presentation! I have to point out that there are examples on the gutenberg README though.

I guess the 2 files you had to copy were index.html and page.html? I should probably add a basic index.html, page.html and section.html on gutenberg init.

I’m also thinking about themes, the first one being a documentation site theme that I will use for Tera and Gutenberg. I usually write a custom theme for each static site I make though so I’m not the best person to judge what is needed there. If anyone has opinions on it, please share!


In theory I think you might be able to use


Yes, I use vendoring to build fairly complicated things using an in-house firewalled/off-line CI system. But you will need internet access at least briefly to vendor the packages in the first place.


Hey Mark,

first of all thanks for featuring strange among the finalists. I admit not publicizing it too much as I am not entirely satisfied with it yet, but your feedback is precious.

Theming is a thing I have had in the back of my head for a while. The “problem” is that strange is not aimed at becoming just a blog engine, but to be a generic static website generator (that is also why there is no “article list” function… yet), and building a theme generic enough is hard.

I will probably end up doing different themes for different uses (blog, docs, hierarchical site, etc.), but I need to find a way to make it easy to integrate them with the rest of the generator.

Any help is obviously welcome, especially from front-end people, as I am not very good at design and UX :smiley:



I have to say, I think may repeat this exercise of evaluating libraries/tools written in Rust! It’s been very satistifying to have made a connection with the authors of these fine static site generators!