Live coding (to learn)

In order to teach myself Rust in my free time - decided to start a live coding channel.

Live stream:


Note that I'm still a newbie, and this is intentionally to force myself to focus and get over the starting hump... so expect lots of head-scratching, looking stuff up in the docs - and even asking here / IRC :wink:

The project goal is to build a WebGL/WASM renderer (ported from a WIP I had going with Typescript)

Schedule is pretty arbitrary - but typically I'd expect to broadcast a couple nights a week for an hour or two, and Sunday mornings-ish for more, and every other Sunday afternoon (GMT + 2 timezone)

I had a medical operation today and I'm a bit bandaged up - so with the sick day from work I'm planning to do another session now too :wink:

I think if you subscribe to the channel on youtube you'll get notified when it's live in the future (not sure, never done this before and don't participate much on youtube)