Leer pulsaciones por medio del teclado

Me pregunto si si habrá algo igual o similar a la función kbhit() (para leer las pulsaciones de las teclas), por ejemplo en C/C++ y Python. He buscado en la documentación, pero no he hallado nada.

Translation: "Read keystrokes through the keyboard"

I wonder if there will be something equal or similar to the kbhit() function (to read keystrokes), for example in C/C++ and Python. I've searched the documentation, but haven't found anything.

I assume you mean to read input from the keyboard. That means reading from stdin - which is represented by io::stdin. Now reading from any BufRead "object" is same - you can read_line to read lines. You can look at the methods of ReadBuf and Read to know more.

Edit: I think I misunderstood the question - you want to be able to detect immediately when a key is read. For that the TTY needs to be in raw mode. You can use termion to do that. In particular the Keys iterator I think would help your use-case.

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