Learning Rust from scratch


I want to learn Rust as a complete Rust beginner but am a retired SW Developer.
Which tutorial(s) are recommended ?

I also have Python and C programmes that I would like to integrate into Rust.

Any suggestions most welcome and I thank you in advance for your assistance.

I don't really know about any tutorials, but I would start by reading through The Rust Book. A resource I wish I had when I started with Rust is fasterthanlime's A half-hour to learn Rust (this is in particular helpful if you already know other programming languages).

As I was starting out with Rust someone suggested I try to avoid using references in the beginning, to get to learn everything else about the language first, so I don't need to both fight the borrow-checker and learn all the other basics at the same time. I guess it's different for everyone, but to me that was helpful.


When I was a total beginner I enjoyed listening to https://newrustacean.com/ It touches on a lot of different topics and made me interested to search for more information on each topic.

Having spent decades using a bunch of different languages from Assembler through ALGOL, through C/C++ to Javascript, with many others along the way I found diving into the Rust Book just fine: The Rust Programming Language - The Rust Programming Language

But don't do like me and start building serious programs before having thoroughly worked through it all. By first year of Rust code looks like C with a bit different syntax. Works fine but it's really not the way to go. I still had not come to grips with traits and generics and the more Functional Programming style one can use in Rust.

The next most useful thing I found is the video presentations on Rust by Ryan Levick: https://www.youtube.com/c/RyanLevicksVideos/videos and https://www.youtube.com/c/RyanLevicksVideos/videos. Although the latter tend to be pitched at more of an advanced level.

Another great resource is probably every post by user Alice here on this forum. Of course all the folks here are amazingly willing to help newbies and very patient. Priceless.

When it comes to integrating C and or Python with Rust, perhaps leave that til you have Rust under your belt. I'm sure it will be straight forward after that.

Thank you, ZiCog, bes and blonk for your good and helpful comments. I will take tham all into account. We oldies need a bit opf help occassionaly :wink:

One oldie trying to help another here :slight_smile:

What I find a great help is using Microsofts VS Code to edit Rust. If you install the rust-analyser extension you get all kind of help as you type.

And be sure to read the Rust compiler error messages. They are the most helpful error messages of any compiler I have seen and often make suggestions as to how to fix your code. Beware that sometimes the suggested fixes can lead one down a rabbit hole of suggested fixes leading in totally the wrong direction, but often they are spot on.

I also find it helpful to avoid writing any lifetime tick marks unless absolutely necessary. Mostly that leads to endless complexity and confusion. If I feel the need for tick marks I take that as a hint I need to rethink my approach.

Have fun.

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