L <-> Rust interop; x86_64 and wasm

I have a Rust crate my_rust_crate which builds on both x86_64 and wasm32.

I want to find a language L with the following property:

  • we can do L <-> Rust interop on x86_64

  • the same code, with small modification, can become <-> Rust interop on wasm32

Is there any language L satisfying these properties?

For example: for lua, elixir, ocaml: it is not obvious how to do L <-> rust with both on wasm32.

Maybe some language directly implemented in rust?

dyon - crates.io: Rust Package Registry
gluon - crates.io: Rust Package Registry

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You need some more restrictions to exclude C.

Good call. Intending to use L as a scripting language.

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