Will try to keep this short. I've read a ton about rust and async and wasm in the last week. Found nice docs and videos on futures. Lots of documents on async but surprising to me very few async crates have any kind of wasm reference in them. And there is a rustwasm/team with a webpage and a GitHub repo ... that hasn't been updated since 2019. Reading through that I feel like I'm stuck in a Wayback Machine pointing to three years ago - so much has changed in rust in recent years but where is the team talking about it or pulling things together? Is there a working group forum? Is there a user group forum? I found one on a different page but there was one person listed in it and I don't recall a method for reaching out to that person. That person may well be funded to work on other aspects of rust by now too. Is there a blog somewhere that describes what happened? Maybe there is a rust/wasm group around somewhere else, perhaps not so closely affiliated with the rust foundation currently that have taken their place?

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Not sure what you are expecting here? WebAssembly is just another (somewhat low-capability) target; most crates that don't require OS-level access which is hard to emulate/re-create in the browser will typically just work, and this is the baseline expectation. What should be explicitly stated is when a crate doesn't support wasm. But this has nothing to do with async anyway; async is just syntactic sugar for a built-in language feature and some related traits – and no, it's not even threading, so there is no fundamental reason why async code couldn't be compiled to wasm just as well as to any other supported target.

WebAssembly is just a format for executables, with all the "interesting" stuff coming from the projects that are built around or on top of it. Early on there was a lot of work inside the Rust project to get basic things working (e.g. the wasm32-unknown-unknown and wasm32-wasi targets), hence the "Wayback Machine" feeling, but that work is pretty much feature complete now.

That means you won't really find a central "Rust WebAssembly" forum or blog, instead things are more decentralised and you might check out a specific project's blog or chat server.

Some links:

  • The Bytecode Alliance and their Zulip server - The Bytecode Alliance is probably the closest you'll get to a "working group", with various projects that are contributed to by various companies (the wasmtime runtime, the wasm-micro-runtime runtime, the cranelift compiler backend, wit-bindgen for implementing WebAssembly Interface Types, etc.)
  • Wasmer and its Slack server - Wasmer make a WebAssembly VM implementation, and have also buildt a package manager (WAPM) for distributing WebAssembly libraries/executables
  • the wasm-bindgen project for making WebAssembly a first-class citizen in the Browser/JavaScript world
  • (shameless plug) Hammer of the Gods and its Discord server - a company using WebAssembly to deploy machine learning applications in a cross-platform way

Thank you @H2CO3 and @Michael-F-Bryan for your thoughtful answers to a confused question. Perhaps to close this issue for posterity I will provide a more complete writeup of what I find later but I did follow a Discord link from GitHub - rustwasm/team: A point of coordination for all things Rust and WebAssembly, a page with a roadmap last edited in 2019 and it got me to a very active set of rust channels. And one is named #wg-bindgen and another #wg-wasm. And then I found two GitHub issues from two years ago that reference the same thing I noticed yesterday. future of this github org · Issue #294 · rustwasm/team · GitHub and General Project Status Update · Issue #2337 · rustwasm/wasm-bindgen · GitHub provide a little clarity to what happened.

Since then I've found many rust/wasm frameworks and even comparisons of them: GitHub - flosse/rust-web-framework-comparison: A comparison of some web frameworks and libs written in Rust

and there is a GitHub - rustwasm/gloo: A modular toolkit for building fast, reliable Web applications and libraries with Rust and WASM crate which seems very useful and participation is very active. So now I would say it is almost an embarrassment of riches and if anything, rust and wasm were such a successful combination that there was an explosion of projects and now there is no one clear forum to let a newcomer get caught up by reading old issues and topics.

And of course there is this.


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