Kaspersky reporting false positives?

Hi there, I am new to Rust - intrigued and excited by the language

I am going through some examples in the O'Reilly Programming Rust book, and when I add the image crate to the cargo.toml file dependency list then build, Kaspersky is reporting a Trojan for rayon_core and quarantining the file.

I cannot see this particular example mentioned anywhere. I presume it is a false positive, but is there any canonical approach for reporting these or locally addressing them?

I think it should be reported to the antivirus vendor, but I have no idea what means they have for that. You're not the first to run into this case though:

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Thank you for the response. I submitted it to Karspersky and it showed no issues. I have expressly excluded the project folder from being scanned by Kaspersky and that has worked.

I've seen defender trigger once or twice on pretty standard crates, too. I think it's just a risk of building native code, but it's certainly a pain, and I'm not a fan of the general recommendation to just exclude your projects in a world where supply chain attacks are on the rise.

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