Is there a game engine that uses the Shipyard ECS and has a GUI text editor or plans to make it?

Is there a game engine that is written in Rust, the game engine allows the game developer to use Rust,
uses the Shipyard ECS and has a GUI text editor or plans to make it in the near future?

I don't know of any game engines using shipyard in particular, but Amethyst fits everything else. It's ECS based, just not based on shipyard. They currently use specs, but a transition to the legion ECS crate is in the works. In addition, amethyst has plans for a GUI asset + scene (and I assume text) editor.

Is there a particular reason you're attached to shipyard over other ECS crates like legion?

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Yeah I have heard, but thanks mate :slight_smile:

I was told that shipyard ECS has better performance over legion ECS that is why I wanted to use shipyard instead.

Makes sense!

I don't think there are any existing game engines which integrate shipyard into other systems - but maybe I can offer another solution?

There are a number of crates which do just the visuals + sound + input part of a game engine, and I think you can end up with integration pretty similar to what you get with amethyst, but supplying your own ECS engine. For instance, ggez or quicksilver.

I know someone who's using quicksilver + legion for their game right now, and it works pretty solidly. There hasn't been any problems integrating the ECS into quicksilver, and I would assume using shipyard with quicksilver could be similarly successful. It wouldn't be a "full engine" like amethyst, but you can get pretty close - and the full engine experience generally comes at the cost of going along with the maintainer's library choices (like amethyst choosing legion) anyways.

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Would they happen to support 3D by any chance?

Oh that is good I will take a look into those things, thanks mate :slight_smile:

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Ah - I don't think so, both have primarily 2d graphics engines.

kiss3d and wgpu-rs seem like they might be good 3d engines, but I haven't done any 3d graphics in rust - so take that with a grain of salt.

3D Rendering | Are we game yet? also lists some other crates, but it's mostly a list of crates. I'll have to leave the 3d graphics engine recommendations to someone else here who has more experience with that :slight_smile:

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Thanks mate very much for the links I will take a look into those. I hope they do let me connect any ECS to my likings.

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