Is there a decent bittorrent library?

Hey guys, I am interested in writing an application involving bittorrents.
After looking around a bit I found a couple libraries, but they all did not really do what I wanted.
I am looking for an implementation of bittorrent in Rust that I can use as reliable part of my application.
I found:

  • bittorrent does not contain anything
  • redox has build issues
  • (I can only add two links to my post because I just created this account)

Is there a "go to" solution I did not notice?

I haven't used it before, but I came across Writing a Bittorrent engine in Rust which walks through how the author created cratetorrent and its design.


Thanks, but the thing with cratetorrent is that the author states themselves that it is not reliably usable in the "Caveats" section on

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