IntelliJ IDE delete buffer -> focus next buffer?

I'm not sure what change I recently made to cause this:

  1. I'm using IntelliJ-Rust + IdeaVIM

  2. I hit <esc>:bd (delete current buffer)

  3. In the past, this would keep focus in the Editor, and focus a new buffer

  4. Now, for some reason, the focus jumps elsewhere (I'm not sure where). So the editor has multiple (> 3 ) buffers open. I <esc>:bd in one of them. I expect one of the remaining buffers to get focused, but something else (project view? not sure) gets focus.

Anyone know how to fix this ?

This is utterly breaking my navigation flow of ";gd" goto def, browse around, followedc by ":bd" as this now forces either using mouse or keyboard shortcuts to get next buffer focus.


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