IntelliJ/Rust shortcuts worth memorizing

I'm currently using IntelliJ/Rust + VIM plugins. I'm productive inside of VIM, but still using the mouse alot for everything else.

Is there a list somewhere of the 50-100 IntelliJ/Rust keyboard shortcuts worth setting up / memorizing ?

You can customize all keyboard shortcuts inside of IntteliJ (btw. they have a very good search inside their settings).
For example I put "compile and run" on F1 :slight_smile:

What are you looking for in specific?

I have some bindings in .ideavimrc, for example:

:noremap ;rv :source ~/.ideavimrc<CR>
:noremap ;rr :action Stop<CR>:action Run<CR>

For things that I can do from within an editor, it's generally fine as I can put it in .ideavimrc.

It's "navigational" things -- like jumping to project tree, unit test window, terminal, etc ... that I can't currently do from .ideavimrc (since there is no active editor window, and therefore vim bindings are not working).

To be more specific: jumping around things while outside of the editor.

The "normal" IntelliJ keyboard shortcuts do not work while in vim mode?

I'm sure the normal ones work. The question is which subset to memorize.

This would be a good choice:

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