Html DOM and web apps: what is possible?

As a Rust newbie, I have to ask for some guidance on what exactly is state of the art at present with regards to web servers and serving up web sites. Is it possible to serve up web pages using Rust and a type-checked DOM? In a functional style? I come from some limited experience with Eliom (Introduction) which is for Ocaml. I cannot seem to find anything like that in Rust.

I have stumbled upon two rust crates, HorrorShow and typed-html. But does anyone actually write web sites with either? How? From what little I have read it seems these are lacking in some respects. Tutorials for web servers all seem to presume not using anything like typed-html as a dependency, or least that I have seen yet.

I see that there is already written in Rust a prototype web browser engine known as Servo and a sub-project known as html5ever that is an html parser that "uses callbacks to manipulate the DOM, therefore it does not provide any DOM tree representation." The project also contains markup5ever_rcdom that is "not intended to be a production-quality DOM implementation, and has not been fuzzed or tested against arbitrary, malicious, or nontrivial inputs. ..." . Perhaps that could be leveraged?

In passing, I must also note that I recently discovered that there is at least one project for development of web applications in pure C++ called Wt ( It seems wonderful if it is as powerful as advertised. It would be a shame if Rust didn't have something like it.

Many thanks in advance.

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