What is your front-end web framework of choice for Rust?

I'm evaluating different options for a project, that's going to start small, but can grow quite big in size as it will expand. I want to stick to Rust on the back-end side, but could use some advice regarding the front-end, client-side for it. Is there any "de-facto" standard for Rust as of now?

If not, what would you suggest to go for, keeping the philosophy of Rust in mind?

What is going to be safe, performant, and a good match for a Rust-y back-end?

From all the different options, Elm seems the best. Would you recommend anything else?

If you want to stay with rust, and so webassembly, I tried Yew and Seed. I though Yew was a good idea at first because it feels like React-like libraries. But to be honest this is a bad idea as Rust is not JavaScript and it adds complexity for no reasons. Seed is really Rust and is a lot easier thanks to that. Although doing DOM with arrays and macros is not very fun, it’s very doable. You can have a look at https://github.com/cedeber/fluss.

Although both libraries are not features complete, this is the best way to keep the rust philosophy :grin:

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