How to get all the libraries in that have given library as a dependency?

I was looking for Paillier library. I got this library but, when I saw the examples of the usage, I felt that I can't directly use it as a library. So, I was looking for wrappers or any libraries that have this library as a dependency but couldn't do it because I didn't find any options in to do search like this. does have a so-called reverse dependency search, but it shows no results for this particular library so it's of no use unfortunately.

I found that 'dependency' option. It was just right there :woman_facepalming:. Anyway, guess I'll just write my own wrapper around it.

What makes you feel you can't use it?

As far as crypto libraries go, the API seems quite intuitive based on the basic and simple voting examples. Sure, the voting example is a bit complex, but that's because it's an example of something you might do in the wild and they've extracted the actors into Clerk and Voter types.

This library needs nightly compiler to compile and also everytime, I've to write Pailler::<some_func> to do anything, so I thought maybe it can't be used just as it is. So, that's why I asked.

So will do any wrapper around it, then.

It was also written 2 years ago. There's a very high chance you can fork the repository, remove any nightly features, and it should compile on stable again.

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