Cargo Lookup: Command-line crate registry index querying for Cargo

Cargo Lookup is a tool for querying crate registry indexes. It can help you find information such as a crate's available features and dependencies from the command line. It can even resolve these recursively if you want!

I expect this tool to be used for more scripting purposes that want a more machine-readable format for crate info. If that sounds something like what you need, give cargo install cargo-lookup a shot to try it out!

Cargo Lookup is also available as a library if you disable default features. The intuitive API should make it a breeze to find info on another crate from within your project. You can query your own private indexes too.

This is the first ever crate that I've published, so I'm excited to share this! There is still plenty of room for improvement (that recursive resolution is a bit slow!), but I hope someone still finds use of it in this initial public release. I originally created this when I needed a good way to find a crates dependencies and features, but figured someone else might have those same needs.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Congrats, it looks useful!

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