How can measure time in several programs

I'm thinking to measure time in different parts of several programs in crate (initialization struct, executing etc)
First: I need to pass this struct between programs, how?
Second: for example

//let mut threads = Vec::<chrono::Duration>::with_capacity(N);
           if pprint{
//will print last N  
                (0..N).for_each(|seq_num| { // <---- Closure 1
                //access last N in vec
                let arc_clone = Arc::clone(&self.0);
                let size_vec= arc_clone.lock().unwrap().len();
                    thread::spawn(move || {  // <---- Closure 2
                        let loc_clone = arc_clone.lock().unwrap();
                        let cur_loc= loc_clone.get(size_vec- seq_num as usize).unwrap();
                        let lt = &Local::now();
                        let next_loc= loc_clone.get(size_vec- seq_num +1 as usize).unwrap_or_else(|| lt);
                        let utc_time = DateTime::<Utc>::from_utc(next_loc.naive_utc(), Utc);
                        let dif_locs = next_loc.signed_duration_since(*cur_loc); // difference between locals
                        println!("Element {} was executed in {:?}\n",  size_vec - seq_num, dif_locs);

If i will uncomment threads- then will be
move occurs because threads has type std::vec::Vec<chrono::Duration>, which does not implement the Copy trait
I saw in somewhat crate this, but forget and can't find the same way now

 let lt = &Local::now();
 let next_loc= loc_clone.get(size_vec- seq_num +1 as usize).unwrap_or_else(|| lt);

I create variable lt on stack, but if pass

 let next_loc= loc_clone.get(size_vec- seq_num +1 as usize).unwrap_or_else(|| &Local::now(););

or Local::now();
will be problem as temporal value, but i don't create not temporary.
And if you know crates to do the same(maybe also interest in (microcontrollers) embedded rust), will be grateful.
Purpose: simply choose blocks and count time

There are several options:

  • Use an Arc<Mutex<Vec<Duration>>>, so each thread can get exclusive access to the Vec by locking it. You'd need to make sure each thread holds the lock for as short a time as possible, or it may prevent other threads from proceeding.

    Your existing code has this problem already, because it calls arc_clone.lock() and holds that lock for the entire lifetime of the thread. This means that only one thread will be able to do work at a time. If you don't need mutable access to your Arc, you should get rid of the lock and instead read directly from the Arc.

  • Instead of pushing the data to a vector in the child thread, return it from the thread::spawn closure. In the main thread, store all of the JoinHandles returned from thread::spawn, and call join on each of them to access the data they returned.

  • Use a crate like rayon that provides parallel iterators over vectors and other collections, so you can give each thread access to just one element of the vector.

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But as I asked also, don't you know how to pass the same struct between programs in the same crate?)

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