How can I share actix WebSocketContext between threads?

I have the following code

type Ctx = ws::WebsocketContext<Ws>;
pub struct WsStore {
    connections: Vec<Mutex<Ctx>>,
lazy_static::lazy_static! {
    static ref WSS:Arc<Mutex<WsStore>> = {
struct Ws {
    pub user: User,

impl Actor for Ws {
    type Context = ws::WebsocketContext<Self>;
    fn started(&mut self, ctx: &mut Self::Context) {
        ctx.text(format!("connected {}",

impl StreamHandler<Result<Message, ws::ProtocolError>> for Ws {
    fn handle(&mut self, msg: Result<ws::Message, ws::ProtocolError>, ctx: &mut Self::Context) {
        match msg {
            Ok(Message::Text(t)) => message_handler(&t, ctx),
            Ok(Message::Binary(_)) => ctx.close(None),
            Ok(Message::Ping(m)) => ctx.pong(&m),
            Ok(Message::Close(r)) => ctx.close(r),
            k => {
                let _ = dbg!(k);

and I can respond to messages fine but I cant understand how I can push contexts into some global store so I can write message to them or broadcast messages without receiving a message from user ?

It turns out Actix provides a method called address for actors implemented via actix::AsyncContext and that can be shared between threads

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