Fix Old Websocket Server

Hi I was wondering if someone could help me update this old websocket code that I found. It seems to be promising as it has a way to keep track of a list of clients and a way to send a message to that list. However I'm facing some errors that likely would not have existed in the old version, and I'm not aware of the dependencies used. I'm not exactly skilled enough to get rid of errors without it affecting its original function so I would appreciate any help people can give me. This is the code in question:

use actix::*;
use actix_files as fs;
use actix_web::{App, HttpRequest, HttpServer};
use actix_web_actors::ws;
use std::sync::Mutex;

struct ChatState
    pub clients: Mutex<Vec<Addr<Ws>>>

struct Ws;

impl Actor for Ws
    type Context = ws::WebsocketContext<Self, ChatState>;

impl StreamHandler<ws::Message, ws::ProtocolError> for Ws
    fn started(&mut self, ctx: &mut Self::Context)
        let mut clients = ctx.state().clients.lock().unwrap();


    fn handle(&mut self, msg: ws::Message, ctx: &mut Self::Context)
        match msg
            ws::Message::Ping(msg) => ctx.pong(&msg),
            ws::Message::Text(text) =>
                for client in ctx.state().clients.lock().unwrap().iter()
            ws::Message::Binary(bin) => ctx.binary(bin),
            _ => ()

fn index(_req: &HttpRequest<ChatState>) -> actix_web::Result<fs::NamedFile>

fn main()
        let state = ChatState { clients: Mutex::new(vec![]) };
        .resource("/", |r| r.f(index))
        .resource("/ws/", |r| r.f(|req| ws::start(req, Ws)))

And this is the current list of dependencies that I'm using:

actix = "0.10.0"
actix-files = "0.3.0"
actix-web = "3.0.0"
actix-web-actors = "3.0.0"
actix-rt = "1.0"

Thanks in advance!

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