How can I get visual studio code and the rusty plugin to parse compiler error messages?

How can I get visual studio code to parse error messages? As you can see from the screenshot below, While I can use rusty's "cargo" commands in my project, and racer works, errors are not parsed / selectable with Visual studio codes's Problem pane.

This is my .vscode/settings.json

    "rust.racerPath": null,
    "rust.rustLangSrcPath": "/Users/myuser/projects/rust/src",
    "rust.rustfmtPath": "/Users/myuser/.multirust/toolchains/beta/cargo/bin/rustfmt",
    "rust.rustsymPath": null,
    "rust.cargoPath": "/usr/local/bin/cargo",
    "rust.cargoHomePath": null,
    "rust.formatOnSave": true,
    "rust.checkOnSave": false,
    "rust.checkWith": "build",
    "rust.useJsonErrors": false,
    "rust.useNewErrorFormat": false

I don't use visual studio but I believe setting either of those last to options to true should fix this (set useJsonErrors or useNewErrorFormat).