Visual Studio compiler


Hello, I am new to Rust and I just installed it in Visual Studio. When I build the project it says 'no rust compiler installed’Does anybody known the steps to take to solve this problem?


Download the appropriate version from the download page and install it.


@Pipsy I’m curious what method you followed to install Visual Studio with Rust and which plugin you are using.


I’m actually having the same problem. I had a prior installation of VS2013, plus a very recent (~1 week) nightly of Rust. I grabbed yesterday’s VisualRust Release nightly, installed the .msi, launched VS and created a project from the template. Upon building, I get the “no rust compiler installed” error. I even went back a few builds of VisualRust, but no dice.

Edit: oh yeah, and rustc is in my path.


You might get better results by using the support channels mentioned in the VisualRust README; contact the developer directly, file an issue on that repo, or contact him on IRC.


It took a bit of a hassle, but first install Rust on your machine and then install VisualRust

I had to install Rust twice on my machine, than it worked. Good luck