Help multiple values and sub-command

Hello everyone,
Im developing a pet project to learn Rust, is another find clone.....

I want to be able to find files and directories in several paths, using several patterns to search for, at the same time. Then i want to be able to perform file operations over the results. This is the code snippet that configures

fn main() {
    let app = App::new("findx")
        .about("find + directory operations utility")
                .help("Directories to search for the PATTERNS"),
                .help("Patterns to search for"),
                .about("Rename the last part element of the path")
                        .help("Append the STRING to the end of every dir/file founded"),

This is one of the execution of the program:

➜  findx git:(master) ✗ ./target/debug/findx -p ../ -t findx rename findit
paths:    ["../"]
patterns: ["findx", "rename", "findit"]

as you can see is taking the subcommand and the argument of the subcommand as values of -t.

this is with the -- "thing" between the main program and the subcommand

 findx git:(master) ✗ ./target/debug/findx -p ../ -t findx -- rename findit
error: The subcommand 'rename' wasn't recognized
        Did you mean 'rename'?

If you believe you received this message in error, try re-running with 'findx -- rename'

    findx --paths <PATHS>... --patterns <PATTERNS>...

For more information try --help

and of course that i mean rename, could someone help me with this or even at least tell me if is possible to do this with

Thanks in advance.

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