Clap: how to group & require top level subcommands


How can I emulate the git cli interface? When I simply running git, it shows all the available subcommands. At least one of the subcommand is necessary.

For example, in the below code, when I run the applications as git clone, I need to specify either opt1 or opt2, or clap throws error. But clone itself is not mandatory. Simple running git will exit without any error or help messages. How can I have clap say that simply running git without a subcommand is an error ? Basically, how can I group subcommands when they are the top level items ?

    let matches = App::new("git")
        .about("Git VCS")
                         .help("Initialize the library")
                         .help("Uninitialize the library")
                           .args(&["opt1", "opt2"])

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There's a setting to enforce requiring at least one subcommand. Is this what you need?

let matches = App::new("git")

Exactly! Thank you so much!