Has someone else issues with travis at the moment?


I’m experiencing weird build failures on travis-ci. I’m not sure whether this is caused by rust, the travis-ci infrastructure or something else, but it is not failing builds but rather timeouts and the like.


https://travis-ci.org/matthiasbeyer/imag/builds/325392074 (job https://travis-ci.org/matthiasbeyer/imag/jobs/325392078)


https://travis-ci.org/matthiasbeyer/imag/builds/325391835 (job https://travis-ci.org/matthiasbeyer/imag/jobs/325391838)

from the former:

warning: spurious network error (2 tries remaining): [7] Couldn't connect to server (Failed to connect to crates.io port 443: Connection timed out)
warning: spurious network error (1 tries remaining): [28] Timeout was reached (Connection timed out after 30200 milliseconds)
error: unable to get packages from source


I saw some of that too, yesterday. I assume it was caused by latencies as servers around the world were patched and rebooted to mitigate Meltdown.


Yes, all of my Travis builds have been up and down for the past week.


Same here.


Ah, okay. I thought of this but then read that the issues are resolved (on their blog) so I assumed that was it… but I guess then it is still the meltdown thing.

Thank you for your replies!