How to report problems with Rust:beta?

Since today my crate doesn't compile with Rust:beta anymore:

I don't even think it's my code which is failing but a crate (image) I use:

Compiling image v0.13.0
error: internal compiler error: unexpected panic

Rust:stable works. So should I be worried? Is that something to report, or not?


Looks like this bug was reported 14 days ago against nightly (, it's been fixed in master but the fix didn't make it into rustc 1.18.0-beta.2 (f4e8e81c3 2017-05-11).


Just as the error message says, the error reporting instructions are at That said, I already decided to report a bug at (it seems like there is no bug report for beta, just nightly which already fixed it, and it seems like fix wasn't moved to beta when it probably should, which is a bug (?)).

I already beta-nominated the fix. We're working on it.

@xfix Thanks. Good to know for the future ...

In general, the answer to "where do I report some issue" is Posting issues with beta is
great! It's why we have beta.

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