Good open source project for learning (for a data scientist)


I’m new to Rust, and in fact new to any low-level language. For my day job I am a data scientist. I am fairly advanced in my career, and fairly savvy with Python.

I would eventually/ideally like to help with the lower-level implementation details of stats/math-related libraries. E.g., something like a reincarnation of numpy, but using Rust instead of C. A quick search on GitHub got me to rust-numpy, which is actually an API to call numpy from Rust. I also found RDS Tensors, which is “data science tensors” in Rust, but this seems like a tiny project that went nowhere. (No disrespect to the author, just looks like something s/he was playing with and didn’t want/need to take anywhere.)

But I know that GitHub is not the entirety of open source in the Rust world. Is there anyone working on something like this? Would they want help? I’m happy to start helping out with the easier things like adding documentation or whatever’s needed. I just want a chance to improve my Rust skills while also keeping things germane to my actual skill set.


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From what I’ve seen, it seems like ndarray is the Rust equivalent to numpy, or at least its matrix type.

Another project you may want to check out is nalgebra, a linear algebra library.

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Thanks! I’ll check them both out!

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